Our Vision: Through our members’ cooperative efforts, Hawai‘i Island Meat Cooperative revitalizes small-scale meat production on Hawai‘i Island and is a reliable source of high-quality meats throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

HIMC’s long-term vision is to help revitalize Hawai‘i Island’s small- to mid-scale family ranching sector and to increase the amount of high quality, humanely raised and slaughtered meat available in markets statewide.

Specific objectives include:

  • Promote small-scale livestock production on the island
  • Drive agricultural landowners/leaseholders toward livestock production:
    • Increase farm economic viability
    • Keep more ag land in production
  • Promote small-scale livestock production on the island
  • Establish slaughter, processing, and marketing options that are typically difficult for small-ranch operators to access through conventional channels
  • Reduce risks associated with “backyard slaughter” and non-inspected meat processing and distribution
  • Add diversity to locally grown meat products available throughout the Hawaiian Islands
  • Address specialty market segments typically reliant on imports
  • Create a resilient agricultural model to increase Hawai‘i’s food security
  • Create jobs and associated training to support MSU operations
  • Supplement/complement existing processing facilities
    • Pathway to larger processors as ranchers expand their herds

A key element of HIMC’s long-term vision is to establish an integrated chill-cut-wrap and retail facility that would showcase Hawai‘i Island’s world-class ranching sector and meat products. While the future location of such a facility has yet not been determined, HIMC is currently in discussion with NELHA (Natural Energy Labs of Hawaii Authority), located in Kailua-Kona just south of the Kona Airport, about locating it there. NELHA’s current leadership is very supportive, as this project fits their vision for a future sustainable business park and food hub.

Additional benefits to this location include:

  • Minimal operating costs due to deep-sea water cooling technology, solar energy, and affordable rent
  • Ideally located where the “Eaters” are
  • Very near the island’s main airport and industrial areas (including Costco), which would be convenient for on- and off-island distributors and visitors
  • Leverages prior federal and state investments in facilities
  • Showcases vertically integrated, whole-system model for a thriving, sustainable meat industry on Hawai‘i Island